Undaunted - adj. ˌən-ˈdȯn-təd , -ˈdän-

courageously resolute especially in the face of danger or difficulty: not discouraged

Have you experienced discrimination on the basis of disability? Do you require an accommodation at work or in school? You’ve found a firm that embraces you and will fight by your side. Please reach out using the link below for a free consultation.

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Undaunted is a disability rights law firm for all those out there who are brave and ready to thrive in a world that is not built for them. For those ready to break down barriers and excel where others would give up. For more than thirty years we have seen a dream deferred, but we are undaunted. We are rising to the challenge, winning against all odds. Passionately pursuing justice where opportunities have been denied.

Be unstoppable. Be unshakable. Be undaunted.

That is the message and the purpose of the first full-service disability rights litigation firm in North Texas. Deliberately lean and small, technologically savvy, and backed by years of experience with disability litigation and catastrophic injury litigation in courts throughout the country, we are ready to join together to enforce the ADA.

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years after the passage of the ADA

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Hi, I’m Tomiyo Stoner, and this is my law firm. Growing up with parents who are blind gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience the magic of disability pride. This experience has shaped my unique approach to lawyering, which includes seeing each case’s potential even where others may overlook it. My goal is to empower everyone who contacts me to find solutions, whether that means simply providing direction to free self-advocacy resources or taking a case to trial. I will put together a strategy that is realistic, ambitious, and client driven. I’m a graduate of the University of Michigan and American University. I’ve recovered significant settlements and verdicts on behalf of my clients, and more importantly, instituted meaningful policy changes. I hope you will trust your case to Undaunted Law Firm.

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This is the website of Undaunted Law Firm. The firm was founded by Tomiyo Stoner. The firm wants to make the country accessible to everyone. Even with helpful laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (also called the ADA), many places are still not accessible to everyone. Undaunted Law Firm can help enforce the ADA on behalf of people who have disabilities. This can include physical places of business, employers, and even governmental entities. This paragraph is a simplified version of the content of the page to make the website as accessible as possible.

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