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Are you encountering websites that do not work well with screen readers? Or are otherwise impossible to navigate? Although the ADA was established long before Internet access was a common household utility, Courts have determined that digital services are public accommodations just like their in-person counterparts. Whether you intend to book a hotel room, do your banking online, order delivery, or enjoy social media, website accessibility is just as important as physical access. Accessible websites should: 1) Provide text alternatives for non-text content. 2) Provide captions and other alternatives for multimedia. 3) Create content that can be presented in different ways, including by assistive technologies, without losing meaning. 4) Make it easier for users to see and hear content. 5)Make all functionality available from a keyboard. 6) Give users enough time to read and use content. 7) Be free of content that causes seizures. 8) Help users navigate and find content. 9) Make text readable and understandable. 10) Make content appear and operate in predictable ways. 11) Help users avoid and correct mistakes. 12) Remain accessible as technologies change and emerge.

Increasingly, dining, movie theaters, hotels, and transportation providers rely on kiosks in physical places of business. Inaccessible kiosks functionally deny the use of the space in the same way physical barriers to entry do. Digital barriers, in any format, may violate the ADA, Rehabilitation Act, or state laws.

If you have encountered digital barriers, please use contact Undaunted Law Firm for an evaluation of your rights.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA and other laws require websites, applications, and other technologies to be usable for people with disabilities. This may include people who use screen readers or have difficulty using a mouse. It also means making sure the information can be understood without hearing. People who have difficulty accessing websites or apps can contact Undaunted Law Firm to get assistance.

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